Barbed suture for minimally invasive surgery 

The Laya knotless tissue-closure device consists of barbed suture material, polydiozanone (PDO), that is biodegradable. The Device barbs are oriented in two directions to allow tissue approximation without the need to tie surgical knots.

All of the barbed sutures in Taiwan are imported from other countries. Biotegy Corporation will be the first local company that owns the technique of producing barbed sutures.

Who We Are

Our company was founded in 1970 and has been growing ever since. It began with a meager staff of two friends—Frank Chen and David Wang. Frank and David established a new standard in the area for distinctive service with a guarantee that was previously unheard of. The business spread mainly through word of mouth, and as more satisfied customers shared their stories with others, additional branches were added throughout the area. Now, we have five locations and a staff of 65 to serve you.





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