Dec. 5, 2019【Exhibition】

Taiwan Healthcare+ Expo 2019

Biotegy, invited by Plastic Industry Development Center (PIDC), attended Taiwan Healthcare+ Expo also known as the grand event that joins the best technology and medical devices in Asia Pacific. Through the four-day event, Biotegy team members exchanged and discussed with professionals and received valuable experiences and advice. The Taiwan Healthcare+ Expo is Biotegy’s last convention of the year drawing a perfect ending to 2019.

Dec. 2, 2019【News】

      To aim for a scar-less and safe breast augmentation surgery, immediate past president of Taiwan society of aesthetic plastic surgery, Dr. Su-Ben Tsao M.D. approached Biotegy Corp. to collaborate and improve the current conditions of breast augmentation surgeries. Through seven years of research and development, supported by National Taipei University of Technology and Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs, Biotegy finally introduced the advanced SurgJET Breast Implant Injector Generation II.

        Biotegy combines its specialty in biomedical material engineering, and discussions with plastic surgeons on maximizing surgery efficiency and minimizing incision size. With creating low cost minimal invasive surgery as their key concept, Biotegy, the design house, was able to adhere to their concept and introduced the SurgJET Breast Implant Injector Generation II; the process of development took less than a year which was greatly reduced from the average 2.5 years. In addition, Dr. Tsao presented the newest SurgJET Breast Implant Injector during the annual meeting of Taiwan Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, which gained tremendous attention and discussions from experts in plastic surgeries.

      Traditionally, plastic surgeons used their fingers to push and poke the implants into the patient commonly known as the “finger method”. However, the finger method is inefficient and may cause possible occupational injuries to surgeon’s fingers. To increase exquisiteness of the product and globally competitiveness, Dr. Tsao used Biotegy’s research and development expertise through professor Hsu-Wei Fang and Plastic Industry Development Center’s (PIDC) technical guidance. After multiple refinement tests, the more exquisite and more competitive SurgJET Breast Implant Injector Generation II was finally developed in November 2019.

        Dr. Tsao pointed out, the second generation received multiple improvements comparing to the first generation breast implant injector. First, the material of the injector was changed to single use medical grade plastic from stainless steel to reduce possibilities of infection. Second, the exterior of the injector was redesigned to be more ergonomic. Third, the inner lubricant coating of the injector was changed to a hydrophilic coating from K-Y Jelly, reducing the complexity of the preparation. Lastly, the new injector has a low cost, increasing its competiveness globally.

       Biotegy’s SurgJET Breast Implant Injector Generation II was introduced at the annual meeting of Taiwan Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery on November 30th. Numerous doctors were interested in this product and commented that this would improve the quality of breast augmentation and reconstruction surgeries. The new breast implant injector will allow a shorter incision site, a smaller scar, and a lower chance of capsule contraction occurrence. This new product will enter market in early 2020.

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Nov. 14-16, 2019【Exhibition】

The Startup Landscape - Meet Taipei 2019

Invited by Department of Economic Development of Taipei City Government, Biotegy attended The Startup Landscape – Meet Taipei for the third time. Biotegy presented to attendants the improvements and progress they have made with passion and maturity.

Nov. 8-9, 2019【Exhibition】

Taiwan Expo in Philippines 2019

Biotegy attended Taiwan Expo in Philippines on Nov. 8th to 9th. This year, the expo was held in Davao a rapidly developing city of Philippines. Biotegy team members introduced Biotegy’s innovating services and technologies to attendants. Through exchanging and discussing with local attendants, Biotegy team members were able to have a grasp of local situation and development.

Oct. 15-17, 2019【Exhibition】

2019 MyMEDEX – Malaysia Medical Device EXPO

MyMEDEX, hosted by Malaysia Medical Device Authority (MDA), is the largest medical device expo in Malaysia. Biotegy attended the conference with Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research, presented Biotegy’s latest product on stage and in Taiwan building.

Sep. 25, 2019

“Business Next” invited Biotegy for interview

Invited to be interviewed by one of the most influential media in Taiwan, Business Next, Biotegy’s CEO Tiffany Huang shared the company’s milestones and core values as the company moves into National Taipei University of Technology’s Innovation Incubation Center.

Biotegy emphasizes on the motto “start with the end”. We combine resources from industries, government, academic organizations, research organizations and medical professionals to develop innovative marketable products. Founders of Biotegy are experienced in the biotechnology field and accumulated numerous connections from this field. At the same time, Biotegy is meticulous at sticking to the scheduled timeline of our projects.

Since Biotegy was established four years ago, we developed Taiwan’s first knotless suture, received certification from TFDA, and was successfully commercialized. In addition, Biotegy will have more products requesting certification from TFDA and aiming for global market in the near future.

Biotegy seeks more professionals and partners to work towards being the leading brand of medical device of Taiwan.

Aug. 08-10, 2019【Exhibition】

2019 TAIWAN EXPO in Vietnam

Biotegy and other medical technology professionals attended this year’s Taiwan Expo in Vietnam. Not only did Biotegy presented its latest product at the booth, but also were invited to Taiwan Medical Services and Smart Medical Seminar to introduce our technologies and services to over sixty local industries and fifteen Vietnam medias.

July. 25-28, 2019【Exhibition】

2019 BIO Asia-Taiwan Exhibition

Bio Asia was held in Taiwan for the first time. Through this opportunity, Biotegy get to know the current development status of the medical industry in the many different countries which participated in Bio Asia-Taiwan 2019. We also took advantage of this opportunity to show our innovative technology and products to the industry moguls. After intensive discussion and interaction, we have thus benefited a lot. We believe what we saw and heard from the exhibition and conference will let us know the trend and development of the medical industry better, and will make us improve even more. We are looking forward to cooperating with you, the tycoons in this field in the hope of building a better future for the biomedical industry together.

July. 17, 2019【Exhibition】

2019 BIO Asia-Taiwan Exhibition

BIO Asia was held in Taiwan for the very first time. There are 20+ countries coming to the exhibition. We can show the world our excellent Biotechnology. Biotegy aims to design and develop minimally invasive medical devices through unique biomaterial surface engineering, we successfully developed many innovative products.

We sincerely invite you to come to our booth at BIO Asia and learn more about our medical device development service platform. Hope we could cooperate together to push our medical devices to a new milestone.


【Time】10:00 – 18:00 (7/28 10:00 – 17:00)

【Location】Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1, 4F (4F., No.1, Jingmao 2nd Rd., Nangang Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan)

【Booth number】 M 606A Biotegy

【Apply for visit】Please go to BIO Asia Taiwan official website and register to get the entry QR code.

Jun. 25-28, 2019【Exhibition】


Biotegy attended 2019 Medical Taiwan in late June.
Dr. Fang shared innovative minimally invasive surgical devices development and treatment strategies at “Intelligent Sensor and Medical Appliances Forum”. We also displayed our products at the booth to introduce people in person and seek for more cooperation opportunities.

May. 30, 2019【Exhibition】


Biotegy had a presentation of minimally invasive medical devices and technologies at 2019 COMPUTEX. We also displayed and demonstrated the uniqueness and innovation of our products as well as our technology capacity and collaboration mode.

May. 29-30, 2019【Exhibition】

2019 InnoVEX

Displayed our products and innovative ideas at the InnoVEX exhibition. We met people and corporations at the venue and exchange the information to get feedback.

Nov. 23, 2018 

Biotegy participated in TITAN Final Presentation.

Nov. 16 , 2018 

Biotegy team participated in TITAN Final Presentation @ 2018 Meet Taipei.

Nov. 16-18 , 2018

Biotegy team participated in Meet Taipei 2018.

Sep. 28, 2018

Biotegy participated the StartupFest Health on 10/2-3. Biotegy will speak in the StartupFest Health'18. By sharing the medical experience, analyzing amd make the synergy medical related trade relations between Europe and Taiwan.


Dec. 28-30, 2017  

Biotegy Awarded the Innovation Award by the MOST in the Future Tech 2017.

Nov. 16-18, 2017 

Biotegy team participated in Meet Taipei 2017.

Nov. 7-11, 2017 

Biotegy team participated the Taiwan Expo 2017 in Malaysiathat aim to boost medical related trade relations between Malaysia and Taiwan.By sharing the medical experience, analyzing Taiwan's health and innovation and development of medical industryin the health industry forum, Biotegyteam let those involved in the industry understand more in-depth of Taiwan's medical system and development.Through a series of Expo activities, Biotegy team not only promoted the future cooperation between Taiwan and Malaysiain medical cooperation, but also successfully set off Taiwan's medical reputation!

Aug. 26-27, 2017 

Biotegy team participated the TRANS conf 2017.

Jul. 24-28, 2017 

Biotegy team joined the exhibition of "Taiwan's Health Industry Goes to Vietnam" held at the Dong Nai, Hu Zhiming.

Mar. 23-26, 2015 

Biotegy team participated the BIO Asia Convention in Tokyo. The partenering meetings were held with the companies, venture funds and research teams from Israel, Japan, Austria, France, Russia, and China. The vision and strategy provided by Biotegy indeed impressed the society.

Nov. 6, 2014 

Congratulations!! Biotegy corporpation got approval to start up the company in Hsin-Chu Biomedical Park, Taiwan.





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